I have been working hard on my craft since 2004, and I think I have a skill level that shows in my work. I am the do over queen and there are many heads without bodies to suggest that these mistakes drive me to the perfect end. The finished doll always seems to lead to the next doll, one is born out of another. This is why I love making dolls. It is the air I breathe and pretty much defines me. I am a doll maker.

This may sound strange but these bodiless heads and headless bodies speak to me. I have control over the parts and pieces individually, but the position involved in the connection is revealed at the moment the pieces touch one another for the first time. The head moves me to sew it in a certain pose, same with the hands and arms. The whole doll forms itself to be expressive according to its idea of itself.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

'The Greeners'

Green is an inspiring color and my my little green non human doll is inspiring me to a new style and new ideas.These three are the first at a group I call 'The Greeners'. Not at all human, not at all perfect, but all very green. I am teaching myself my own path here. It is all very experimental when it comes to the anchor points for the needlesculpting. I am not at all caring if the features are beautiful or strange. These guys are individual and have no rules. Hope you all like this new direction I am heading . . . . .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lost and Found

While doing some therapeutic cleaning, I found this doll hiding behind a curtain. Not sure why I hid him because he is really a wonderfully funny guy. He is one of my original first attempts at making a doll.And yes I think he is making that 'farting' noise with his hand.He has inspired me to work in a new style of doll. One that will allow me to do whatever I want without the restraint of the human form . . . . . . Because this guy a'int human . . . . .

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rosie in New Orleans

Rosie, myself and Allie took a trip to Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans.The cemeteries there are all above ground and they are referred to as 'Cities of the Dead'.I just love cemeteries. If Rosie and I could travel the world and visit just graveyards, we would be very happy.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cursalot III

This is the third of the Cursalot dolls. This time I am making the full 24 inch version.I am again working in the 'Steampunk' theme and hoping to create a dark elegance to her.Her costume has been a bit difficult to come up with, but I came across a tutu skirt in a shop in New Orleans that this is inspired by.And since this doll is definitely female she is going to have some boobs.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two New Art Dolls on Sale at Etsy

"Fancy in Black Tie"
"Fancy with Scarf"
Both dolls are on sale now at my Etsy store.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

On Sale at Etsy

Both Cursalot dolls are now on sale at Etsy.
These are two elegantly dark beauties.

Spooky enough for Halloween. They would also make great Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Cursalot II"

This doll head has inspired me to create a whole doll. I love the direction she moved me in.The tilted top hat and the elaborate collar were the perfect finishing touches.She came out very "steampunk" which I love and she has this subtle spookiness about her. Something is definitely lurking beneath. She just might surprise you with a bite on the neck . . . . . .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Cursalot I"

Maybe her name should be "Big Haired Southern Goth"I worked out something different with her collar. I like that it comes off more old world and somewhat regal.
I hope you all like the less than happy face my next few dolls will have. Just wanting to explore the "gloomy side".

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Cursalot I"

My next spooky doll head's name is "Cursalot I"I again used twistie paper for the hair. All the paper is cut and unwrapped. Some pieces I put a wire in the middle to create a tight curl, while others I just wrapped back around a dowel to create the curl.The pieces are folded in half and then I glue them to the head.
With a few pieces on the head I tacked the ends back into the head area to create a fullness.Added a few bangs to soften the face.She did end up with lots of hair, maybe on the big side for spooky.But I love her. She is the perfect
'Big Haired Southern Goth'