I have been working hard on my craft since 2004, and I think I have a skill level that shows in my work. I am the do over queen and there are many heads without bodies to suggest that these mistakes drive me to the perfect end. The finished doll always seems to lead to the next doll, one is born out of another. This is why I love making dolls. It is the air I breathe and pretty much defines me. I am a doll maker.

This may sound strange but these bodiless heads and headless bodies speak to me. I have control over the parts and pieces individually, but the position involved in the connection is revealed at the moment the pieces touch one another for the first time. The head moves me to sew it in a certain pose, same with the hands and arms. The whole doll forms itself to be expressive according to its idea of itself.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sea Monsters

Everyone needs a flotation device when swimming.
My girl's little sea monster reminds me of the one I had as a child. I think mine might have been a seal, but he kept me floating without effort for a couple of summers. Then of course by 16 we should all let go and learn how to swim on our own.Trying to get a little more shapely leg. I have been adding layers of cotton batting that has the fabric stiffener brushed over it. Once this dries and I get the shape I want I will cover with paperclay. Her arms and hands are drying now, so I will probably finish the sea monster and make more orange hair.

So far not too many do overs . . . . . .


Sharon-NZ said...

looking good, cant wait to see the finished look.

Pattee said...

You've done a superb job!

Sonia ;) said...


Wow she is awesome...Love the swimmy..

Sonia ;)

Sue said...

Nat she is coming along 'swimmingly' (hahaha)

Love the sea monster!

Kimberly said...

I know this one is going to make me laugh...already has me smiling, k

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

She is AWESOME already Nat!! I love love love the sea monster!! Can't wait to see it all together:)


Abi said...

Wicked! You're so clever!
I'd also like to pass on to you this award I received:
The 'one lovely blog award'
The badge and details are on my blog if you get chance to pick it up!
Best wishes

Lezlei Ann Young said...


I love it!


Plain-n-Simple! said...

Ya gotta hate those 'do-overs' eh? I do!!!! Way to go on this dollie!!!! I can not wait to see how you personality will make this shine!!!! Bravo!!! Love the WIP pics!!!

AngelaMichelle said...

Ack! She's so adorable! Can't wait to see the finish of this one.