I have been working hard on my craft since 2004, and I think I have a skill level that shows in my work. I am the do over queen and there are many heads without bodies to suggest that these mistakes drive me to the perfect end. The finished doll always seems to lead to the next doll, one is born out of another. This is why I love making dolls. It is the air I breathe and pretty much defines me. I am a doll maker.

This may sound strange but these bodiless heads and headless bodies speak to me. I have control over the parts and pieces individually, but the position involved in the connection is revealed at the moment the pieces touch one another for the first time. The head moves me to sew it in a certain pose, same with the hands and arms. The whole doll forms itself to be expressive according to its idea of itself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three Heads of Bad Hair

If you did not know this about me, I can make many wrong decisions before I make one decision that I love. So all the hours work on hair goes into the "don't do that again" pile. Ripping stitches out is not as much fun as putting them in. It is much quicker though.

I have designed this hat for the dolls to model along with the collars and ties. So I will work on the hats first and then the hair last.

The J.O.B. is making me hustle just to get a day off to spend with the dolls. So progress is slow, but the time I get to make dolls has become much more meaningful to me now.

Hope to have some pictures to show soon.

Check out the ADO blog. It has some great information. http://artdollsonly.blogspot.com/


Sue said...

Looking forward to seeing them with their hair and hats Nat!

My Dear Darling said...

I can't wait to see them! :D

Holiday Queen said...

Happy almost Birthday Nat! Hope you have some fun things planned for this Friday!

Indigo said...

I've dabbled here and there in stitching cross stich tapestries, elaborate enough if your count is off you end up ripping out whole sections. So I know the stress of having to do all that work again. Here's to hoping you can get back to the dolls and the serenity they give you soon! (Hugs)Indigo